Frequently Asked Questions: If I want to use the FUUFHC logo for a fundraiser or on clothing or other items, how do I get approval for this idea and the design I choose?

Go to the online form for logo use request at the website–
Click the link to the ‘Introduction’ ( and read the recommendations thoroughly; design approval will allow for a variety of possible uses, but be based on the original design and … read more.

Frequently Asked Questions: How do I share updates with fellow congregants about FUUFHC-related events or information?

FUUFHC Community listserv: An open, community-oriented communication tool–a ‘community bulletin board’ where you post your announcement, request, information, et cetera, yourself by e-mailing;
FUUFHC blast email: According to need, occasional community-wide e-mail for use by the Board and leadership.
Order of service announcements: To have an … read more.

Hunger Van Visit Success

We had a great turn out of children and youth, and so many hands made quick the work of putting casserole bags together filled with nutritious herbs, spices, quinoa, lentils, and rice. We were initially supposed to make 100 bags, serving 1,000 meals. We had … read more.