Values Versus Violence by Sarah Ahrens, DRE

As a nation, we have experienced unspeakable violence in just the first few months of this year alone. I wonder – both as a parent and as a religious educator: how do we teach our children the principles of our faith and reconcile the terrible … read more.

What Does It Mean To Be A People of Balance?

Our March 2018 theme is balance.

When we talk of balance, it’s natural for calm and rest to be the first things that come to mind. There’s no getting around it: many of us are tired. We’re overworked, over-busy, over-committed. Striving and stress have become the … read more.

Frequently Asked Questions: How do I get information about different FUUFHC events?

How do I get information about different FUUFHC events?

The Sunday order of service (OOS)—paper bulletin for service and announcements.
The FUUFHC website——news & calendar, services, learning, justice, connection tabs and sub-menus.
E-News—weekly e-mailed updates from the website; you can subscribe at
FUUFHC Community listserv—Subscribe by going … read more.