“To the Fellowship” by Ron Subber, President

Fall has arrived. For some, it is their favorite time of the year, while others start thinking about the impending arrival of another winter. Regardless of your outlook, it also means that the official church year is back in swing and everyone is busy with their various church involvements. We had a wonderful line-up of informal services during the summer (thank you, Frank, Cara, Marion, and Derek from the Sunday Service committee!), but there is something special about having everyone back in the Old Stone Church for regular Sunday services.

We have begun our second year with Rev. Seth at the helm, and my guess is that everyone agrees that his being here has injected energy and a positivity into the Fellowship which will only expand even further during this second year. He has made an impact not only with all of us but just as importantly with the external community. Thank you, Seth, for all you are doing to strengthen the Fellowship internally and to dramatically increase our presence in the spiritual world beyond the walls of the OSC. We all thought that the Settled Search Committee did their job well, and we are continuing to learn just how very well it was done! Kudos once more to Holly, Timothy, Linda, Carolyn, Ernie, Kate, and Jenny for their diligence and foresight.

In the coming months, we will be focusing on the establishment of the initial group of members of the Vera Hall Dodd Circle (details at the November 12th congregational meeting), as well as the work being done by the Space Committee as they focus on our future “space” needs. And at the same time, the dozens and dozens of committee volunteers continue to work hard and efficiently, and often times silently, to allow this Fellowship to flourish.

On behalf of the entire board, I thank all of you for everything you do keep FUUFHC not just alive but vibrant. We have much to be thankful for, and many reasons to be optimistic about our future.

With much gratitude,

Ron Subber, President