Social Justice Committee Update

We are pleased to be working with two new (to FUUFHC) non-profit organizations that are dedicated to social justice.

The first one is Re-Member. Re-Member is a nonprofit organization, which works with the Oglala Lakota Nation on Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota USA. It works to improve the quality of reservation life through relationships, shared resources, and volunteer services.  More information is posted here or you can visit

The other is Fisherman’s Mark. Fisherman’s Mark is located right here in Hunterdon County in Lambertville. The mission statement for this non-profit organization is “For over 35 years the mission of Fisherman’s Mark has been to strengthen our community through the facilitation of innovative, responsive programs and services that promote stability, health, and wellness. With a commitment to excellence in social services and education and as an advocate for positive change, we build upon the strengths of this community and celebrate our common unity.” For more information please visit

The Social Justice Committee has also been working with UU Faith  Action in NJ (UULMNJ) to hopefully establish our congregation as part of Sanctuary/Fair and Welcoming Congregations: Rapid Response Teams.

Each team is made up of five smaller teams:

  • The legal team works with lawyers and does intake with people who are victims of raids. They are trained as legal observers, and they document any violations of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.
  • The service team includes schools, social service agencies, faith groups, and others who help victims after raids. They provide food, accompany families to courts, help find care for the children if their parent or guardian is taken.
  • The media team alerts the news media when a raid happens, organizes press conferences, and distributes information about the rapid response team in the community.
  • The government team includes people who have connections with city officials or the governor or representatives. They lift up the stories of people affected to advocate for policies to prevent raids.
  • The political action team mobilizes people if we need to plan a march or rally to pressure elected officials.

For more information please visit

The Social Justice Committee hosted our first Potluck with a Purpose, which was a huge success! The topic of this Potluck was Re-Member, hosted by Linda Hahola. Learn more about Potluck with a Purpose.

Lastly, if anyone has any questions, comments, or suggestions and or would like to host a Potluck with Purpose, or IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE COMMITTEE please email us at

Thank you,

Melanie M., Acting Chair

And the Social Justice Committee