Thoughts from the President, Ron Subber

We, meaning the Board and the entire Fellowship, have been busy and productive during the last few months. We had a successful Spring Fundraiser country line-dancing night (thanks, Janice, Dorian and everyone on the fundraising committee)! We have officially formed the new “Space Committee” to examine our ongoing and future needs in detail. We have created the FUUFHC Endowment Fund to help serve our long-term stewardship goals. And we have introduced the formation of the Vera Hall Dodd Circle (Vera’s Circle) to encourage Fellowship members and friends to include FUUFHC in their legacy estate planning. All of this has happened while the normal bustle of church business and social events has taken place. Also, we’ve enjoyed the efforts of Joanna and our talented choir and treated to Sarah’s lessons shared with the children during Time For All Ages. Thank you to every single member and friend who has participated in or contributed to the overall welfare of the Fellowship this spring.

And now, here comes summer! The always hard-working Sunday Service Committee (Frank V., Cara S., Marion M. and Derek S.) has again put together a thoughtful and thought-provoking line-up of presentations/discussions for the summer. Starting the week right after Flower Communion Sunday and running through Labor Day, you can join the FUUFHC community each Sunday morning at 10:30 for information on a wide range of topics. It starts with Dave J. leading a truly “batty” discussion on June 18. We encourage everyone to come as often as possible and remember that yes, we do provide nursery care during the summer sessions.

Just as important as the educational topic presented and discussed each week, summer Sunday services gives us all a chance to stay connected to one another during the summer months. While Seth takes a well-deserved break from Sunday sermons, many Fellowship members take over to educate us, to entertain us, and to further our sense of community. I look forward to seeing you this summer, and to you adding your voice to our summer Sunday services.

With respect and gratitude,

Ron Subber, President