Thoughts from Ron Subber, Board President

Winter seems to be the perfect time for all of us to reflect on our Fellowship and what it means to each of us. I know that for some us it represents a very integral part of our daily life, and for others, it is perhaps just a place for an occasional stop in to say hello to old friends. Regardless as to your reason for belonging to FUUFHC, it’s always important to remember that, as is said from the pulpit each week, “you are welcome here.”

I was honored to become President in July of this year, and from day one I have felt extremely fortunate that I had Barbara S. and all of other past presidents to be my mentors. They helped confirm in me a sense of pride in the Fellowship and a feeling that we were a strong, caring group. Nothing has happened in the last eight months to change those feelings. If anything, my interactions with the staff, the committee chairs and all of other members have only strengthened my belief that we indeed are “The Little Engine That Could.”

We, of course, have our challenges for the future. We are starting to bump up against the wonderful problem of having all of the OSC pews filled on Sunday morning (thank you, Rev. Seth), and we all recognize that our robust RE programs need and deserve more space. The Board is laying the groundwork to create a new Strategic Action Committee to begin the work that will eventually create recommendations to the congregation for our next action steps, and there, of course, will be opportunities for everyone in the Fellowship to add their input. We cannot overly rush the process, but we all recognize the importance of moving forward in our chosen direction sooner rather than later.

We may be relatively small in numbers, but I am certain that our desire to continue to move forward as a Fellowship, our ability to work together as a family and our caring for one another will lead us forward. I look forward to working together with all of you to meet our goals.

With respect and gratitude,
Ron Subber, President