Thoughts from the President, by Ron Subber

2017 is on the books! And what a year it was. I could take several pages listing everything that happened, but I will just mention a few highlights. 

  • We saw the establishment of the Space Committee to study our building/land use options.
  • We voted to create the Vera Hall Dodd Circle to address our long-term financial needs.
  • We continued our very robust Religious Exploration program.
  • We spent time and resources fulfilling our Social Justice commitments. 
  • We held our most successful Fall Auction ever.
  • And we finished the year with our first official concert (a smashing success!) under the banner of the Old Stone CoffeeHouse. 

And of course, many, many standing committees of the Fellowship continued to quietly and effectively handle the day-to-day needs of the congregation.

We now turn the page onto the 2018 calendar. We are looking forward to more insightful and thought-provoking sermons from Rev. Seth. His leadership has energized the Fellowship and re-filled the pews on Sundays, and we see every day the wisdom that was shown by the Settled Search committee in choosing him. He has created a FUUFHC presence in the greater Hunterdon County community that continues to grow, and that announces to others that we are a welcoming beacon of inclusion and love.

As we enjoy many examples of prosperity, we need to always keep in mind that there are challenges ahead. Examples are the board wanting to support and encourage a greater involvement from the Fellowship in our social justice efforts, standing ready to work with the Space Committee as they help to examine our future physical space needs, and continuing to work with Sarah in addressing her many RE initiatives. And of course, we are ready to work with any of our committees to help them with their individual mission.

One thing that has been a constant has been the dedication and generosity that we receive from so many of our congregation. Without your gifts of time, financial resources, and expertise the Fellowship could of course not even exist. It indeed does take an entire village, and we are blessed to have such involved and hard-working villagers to keep us moving forward.

With respect and gratitude,

Ron Subber, President