Adult RE: Cosmic Christ — 12/6 @ 7 p.m.

Franciscan alternative orthodoxy doesn’t bother fighting popes, bishops, Scriptures, or dogmas. It just quietly but firmly pays attention to different things – like simplicity, humility, non-violence, contemplation, solitude and silence, earth care, nature and other creatures, and the “least of the brothers and sisters.” – Father Richard Rohr

This program is open to adults and young adults and will include a video presentation followed by a small group study. We will meet the first Thursday of the month in Dodd Hall from 7 – 9. We will end in the Spring. You do not need to commit to all meetings! Please come when you can. Guests are welcome; you do not need to be a member/friend of this community. Food is provided.

Through this program, Father Richard Rohr will introduce an orthodoxy lost to much of contemporary Christianity, an orthodoxy rooted in Franciscan theology and practice, an orthodoxy biblically grounded, personally challenging and ultimately liberating. We will be exploring five topics central to Franciscan theology and practice:

To learn more about Richard Rohr and this Alternative Orthodoxy, you can visit (Also click the links in each bullet above.) To express your interest or ask questions, please contact Carolyn B. at

Father Rohr sends a daily meditation email. In 2016, over two weeks, he provided a summary of the Alternative Orthodoxy.

You can view week one here, and week 2 here. This is a great place to begin, or to catch up!