Adult RE: An Alternative Orthodoxy

For many of us, whether we grew up religious or not, we know what we don’t want to be a part of, but we also know there is some sort of sacred home within us. Do you need language for what you feel deepest in your bones?

You are welcome to this year’s religious exploration program, Embracing an Alternative Orthodoxy by Franciscan priest, writer, and teacher Richard Rohr. Mark your calendar for the first Thursday of the month in Dodd Hall from 7 – 9! This program is open to adults and young adults and will include a video presentation followed by a small group study. We will begin in October and end in the Spring.

Through this program, Father Richard Rohr will introduce an orthodoxy lost to much of contemporary Christianity, an orthodoxy rooted in Franciscan theology and practice, an orthodoxy biblically grounded, personally challenging and ultimately liberating. We will be exploring five topics central to Franciscan theology and practice: Atonement Theory; Eco-Spirituality; The Christ who existed before Christianity; Orthopraxy vs. Verbal Orthodoxy (Living Like Jesus); and Mysticism over Moralism.

To learn more about Richard Rohr and this Alternative Orthodoxy, you can visit To express your interest or ask questions, please contact Carolyn B. at