Get Ready for the Fall Auction Saturday, November 17

Please take a moment to mark Saturday, November 17 on your calendar 2018 fall auction.

As many of you know, the Fundraising Committee is charged to raise money in direct support of the operating budget of the congregation. The fall auction is our biggest and most important fundraising event. The success of the event … read more.

Join the Flower Guild

Want to learn the practice of floral art and help FUUFHC? Consider becoming a member of the flower guild. Arranging flowers can be a form of moving meditation, and your alter arrangement could meaningfully contribute to services, lifting the spirits of your fellow congregants through art and nature. As a volunteer, … read more.

Adult RE: An Alternative Orthodoxy

For many of us, whether we grew up religious or not, we know what we don’t want to be a part of, but we also know there is some sort of sacred home within us. Do you need language for what you feel deepest in … read more.