Frequently Asked Questions: How do I book Dodd Hall or the Old Stone Church for a FUUFHC event or meeting?

  • Contact the Administrator ( to schedule Dodd Hall or the Old Stone Church. All scheduled meetings must be booked with the Administrator prior to announcement through communication channels.
  • For complete information about booking either space, go to at the website under ‘Rental of Our Building.’ From the FUUFHC Building Use Policy and Procedure: “…A member* or friend** of the Fellowship may request the use of the Old Stone Church and/or Dodd Hall for a Fellowship event (e.g. potluck, fundraising event, training session, etc.) or a series of regularly scheduled Fellowship events (e.g. discussion group, covenant group, committee meeting, etc.) by contacting the Fellowship Administrator by phone, email or in writing. The request should include the name of the person who will be in charge of the event(s) and that person’s contact information. The request should also include the nature of the event(s), the date(s), the beginning and ending times, any additional setup or cleanup time needed, and which building(s) or part(s) of a building are needed.” 

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