Get Ready for the Fall Auction Saturday, November 17

Please take a moment to mark Saturday, November 17 on your calendar 2018 fall auction.

As many of you know, the Fundraising Committee is charged to raise money in direct support of the operating budget of the congregation. The fall auction is our biggest and most important fundraising event. The success of the event relies on our members to participate in supporting the efforts in any/all ways that they find comfortable. Our fall auction offerings include silent auction baskets, group activities, services, kids tricky tray, and door prizes/instant win items! Together, we know that we can meet or exceed our fundraising goals!

Here are several ways to get involved in the upcoming fall auction fundraiser: 

  • Prep: Over the summer and early fall, keep your eye out for items that may have wide appeal for the start of a silent auction basket, new and gently used items welcome (think about gifts you have received but are not thrilled about, yard sales, clearance sales, et cetera). We often put baskets together that have single items from several people that turn out to be favorite auction baskets. Recently one chicken-themed item was the start and inspiration for an awesome basket at the spring event!
  • Fundraising Bin: Bring these items to Dodd Hall, clearly labeled with your name, and leave in the green fundraising bin.
  • Baskets: Let us know if you will commit to donating a basket.
  • Money: We’ll purchase items to fill in baskets or gift certificates for restaurants, stores, services, et cetera.
  • Donate: Repeat donations from previous years are more than welcome, and we love new creative ideas as well. Getting together with FUUFHC friends to create an event is a wonderful thing! Service and activity-oriented items are always big hits at the auction. If you have a special talent or hobby, create an event to share it with others, and everyone wins! We can help get your creative juices flowing, so don’t hesitate to ask!
  • Food: Drinks and food are also much-needed donations for the fall auction. We solicit donations from a few local stores but need donations from all of our talented cooks and bakers as well.
  • Volunteer: Join the fundraising committee! Or stay tuned for task-specific volunteer opportunities to support the fundraiser. As we get closer to the date of the fall auction, we will request volunteers to help set up on Friday, November 16, and fill many other roles such as bar, kitchen clean-up, compost and recycling, kids tricky tray, check-in, check-out, clean up, et cetera. If there is an area you can commit to now, let us know.
  • Attend: The fall auction is free to attend, but it is a fundraiser! Please know that every contribution helps us to achieve our goals. We work hard to provide a variety of items, large and small, to fit everyone’s budget.
  • RSVP: Respond when the invitation comes out in September! We look forward to an evening of fun, community and fundraising for our beloved FUUFHC!
Thank you to every person who has ever baked or cooked, donated, volunteered, bid, and won at the auction. Together, we will meet our fundraising goals!

Dorian and Janice

Fundraising Committee Co-chairs