The Pollinators in our Lives

Liz Johnson and Dave Jenkins talk about the importance of pollinators in our inter-dependent web and what we can do to benefit these vital parts of our daily lives at home and right here at FUUFHC.

You in Others, Others in You

Referencing the words of Jacob Trapp, 1899–1993, legendary UU minister, author, poet, artist, hymn-writer and family friend, Emily Wood, longtime educator, author, precinct leader, and Martha Wood’s mother shares lessons from her 93 years of life.

Combining Family Traditions

Rezwan Razani will share how her Ohioan mother’s and Iranian father’s diverse backgrounds have shaped her family’s traditions, as a springboard for others to share their family stories. Share your tradition, learn a new one or both!

Food Waste in New Jersey

New Jersey generates approximately 1.37 million tons of food waste annually. About 20% is recycled. Find out how to reduce your own food waste and find out about efforts to better use food resources to fight hunger and reduce greenhouse gases.

My Journey with Autism

In 1970, Autism was not nearly as frequently diagnosed as it is today. And education and treatment programs were practically non-existent. Doris Spencer will share some of her experiences during this ongoing journey.

Blue Jean Sunday, Potluck/Clean-Up

We’ll gather for a chalice lighting & then spend some time getting our hands dirty, tidying our fellowship building & grounds while getting to know each other better. Dress to unmess!